• Hockey

    Hockey is one quite popular game played the world over. In recent years, this game has been growing in terms of popularity in America. It is currently thought to be among the top 5 team sports in terms of international popularity. Hockey is a very sociable game that is played by men, women and children in the clubs the world over. The outdoor game is composed of 2 teams of 11 players each who compete on a big playing field (mostly all weather surfaces) attempting to score through directing the ball into the goal posts of the opposition. 
    Hockey involves using sticks in order to move the hard small ball across the playing field using various skills and techniques. The spectators are thrilled by the pace and athleticism of the teams as well as the number of goals scored at the highest level of this game. International Hockey Federation (FIH), the world governing body for hockey, is responsible for delivery of major events such as World Cup (senior, junior, male, female and indoors sports), the Olympic tournament and Champions Trophy. 
    The modern-day hockey tends to be more dominated by nations such as Germany, The Netherlands and Australia with both Pakistan and India going into decline in the last 2 decades. Most reasons have been put forth for this issue including the switch to artificial turf, as this may have brought about an added advantage to richer nations. Hockey is almost a professional sport in The Netherlands, attracting leading players from all around the world, including England. Hockey is above all a friendly sport. Even though it is played with passion and requires higher levels of athleticism at the peak level, good sportsmanship and friendship are still valued