Baseball is a fun game. It is often known as the "National Pastime" of the USA. Baseball is considered a huge part of the history and culture of the United States. Its influence over pop culture can be viewed in terms of its influence in movies, television, art, news, and more. Baseball is quite popular at all levels of skill and age and in several different parts of the world. It’s considered to be among the most popular games in USA. In one game of base ball 14 players can hit only a maximum of 14 runs.
    Professional baseball in USA has many levels of baseball known as the minor leagues. It is here that the players hone their skills and venture into major league players. In addition, the minor leagues give small towns the chance to have their own skilled baseball team and this has played a key role in keeping baseball popular.
    Baseball is one sport which combines lots of different physical and mental abilities. Most players are specialists such as the pitcher who focuses on throwing the ball precisely to the hitter, yet also making the ball tricky to hit. There are some players who are good at hitting home runs whereas others are skilled at fielding. It is this combination of skills as well as team play which make this game complex and interesting.
    What makes baseball different from most other major sports, such as basketball and football is that there is no clock. This therefore gives baseball a slow and methodic pace which is unique and also ideal for long and lazy summer days as the game is played. Subtlety and strategy are key aspects to winning games. Baseball game is designed as a steady stop and go routine. The players need to the capacity to explosively spring into action. It does not take 30 minutes to swing the bat or deliver a pitch.